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Strategic Plan

The purpose of the strategic plan is to guide efforts in the advancement of the Saint John Police Force. Recognizing that our environment is constantly changing, the organization has developed a five-year strategic plan by setting clearly defined goals, measurements, and strategic agenda/operating plan to respond to environmental forces and opportunities which advance the Saint John Police. 

This plan is grounded in our fundamental responsibilities to serve and protect and promote public safety by providing professional, responsive, and dependable police services. The objectives were chosen to elicit agile and proactive responses to a city that is growing and changing in ways that create new demands on its police force.

The Chief of Police provides quarterly updates to the Saint John Board of Police Commissioners on the status and progress of the plan. 

2021-2026 Strategic Plan (PDF)

SJPF 2021-2026 Strategic Plan September 2022 Update

SJPF 2021-2026 Strategic Plan January 2023 Update

SJPF 2021-2026 Strategic Plan May 2023 Update

SJPF 2021-2026 Strategic Plan December 2023 Update

Feel free to review the annual report and share any comments, concerns or questions with us via email at police@saintjohn.ca.