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As one of the oldest police departments in the country, the Saint John Police Force has a long and storied history in the City of Saint John, New Brunswick. The first police force in Saint John was established in 1809 with the appointment of Thomas L. Perley as the first Chief Constable. At the time, the force was made up of only four men and had limited powers. 

In the early years, the police force was primarily responsible for enforcing the laws and ordinances set forth by the local city council. Over the years, the force steadily grew in size and scope, eventually becoming a fully fledged police department in 1849. 

Today, the Saint John Police Force is composed of nearly 200 officers and civilian staff. It remains committed to providing quality policing services to the community, while continuing to embrace innovation and new technologies. To learn more about our history, visit the Saint John Police Museum – Keepers of the Saint John Police Force history.