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Mission, Vision, Values and Leadership Principles

The mission, vision, values and leadership principles of the Saint John Police are incredibly important in guiding its operations and providing direction to our members and the community. They set the tone for how the organization behaves and communicates and provides a common understanding of our primary objectives. 

When members are aware of and understand the core principles of the organization, it helps to create a positive and productive work environment. 

The mission, vision, values and leadership principles also provide a unique identity for the Saint John Police, helping to differentiate us from others. Furthermore, they serve as an ethical framework to guide the organization’s decision-making process, ensuring it adheres to ethical norms and the expectations of the community. 

Ultimately, the mission, vision, values and leadership principles of the Saint John Police are key components in driving its success and achieving its goals.


Together a safe, secure, healthy community.


Providing policing services to those who live work and visit the city, by engaging with the community, upholding the law, and preserving public safety.


Leadership, Accountability, Professionalism, Inclusiveness, Integrity, Valour.

Leadership Principles

  • Set the example by being the example
  • Make sound, ethical decisions demonstrating integrity
  • Be accountable for your attitude and actions
  • Seek opportunities to learn, grow and develop
  • Treat everyone fairly with respect and dignity
  • Inspire others to lead beyond their own perceived limits
  • Be relentless in the pursuit of excellence and resilient in the face of adversity
  • Maintain a high level of professional, operational state of readiness
  • Exceed the expectations of those you serve
  • Serve with honour, commitment, integrity, compassion, courage and distinction every day