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Chief’s Advisory Committee

The Saint John Police is committed to providing transparent, accountable and inclusive policing services to all the citizens of the city.  It also seeks to further enhance our connection with the various culturally diverse communities we proudly serve so that a wider range of individuals are aware of and able to access our services. 

The Saint John Police is dedicated to improving the service quality experience and foster police organizational change through a wider range of community engagement to meet needs of our citizens.

The Chief’s Advisory Committee (CAC) assists the Saint John Police in creating, maintaining, and sustaining a safe, secure, healthy, fair and respectful community for all those live, work and visit the city of Saint John.

The committee is comprised of various volunteers that represent diverse groups within our community. 

The committee is responsible for:

  • Providing advice to the Chief of Police on various Saint John Police initiatives, that will assist in providing clarity, engagement and inclusiveness;
  • Supporting the development and monitoring the progress of appropriate strategies and action plans that enable Saint John Police to provide inclusive and accessible services;
  • Ensuring that communication is effective, appropriate and raises awareness about our progress; providing a written report once per calendar year; and identifying barriers, opportunities and work collaboratively through practical solutions.