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Auxiliary Program Recruiting

The Saint John Police Force Auxiliary is comprised of citizens from the community who offer their services to assist the police force in emergencies or with the regular force duties.

Auxiliary police members are trained to Force standards and, under the Police Act, have all of the authority, privileges, rights, and immunities of a peace officer when working under the supervision of a regular member of the Force.

The Auxiliary Program is and will continue to be an integral part of the community and a successful partnership with the Saint John Police Force.

Note: we are not currently recruiting.

Guiding principles of the Auxiliary Program of the Saint John Police Force

1. Values

Inherent to their unique position in this organization, Auxiliary Members are models and representatives within the community. The fundamental value system revolves around integrity, authenticity, respect, and professionalism.

2. Accountability

With their value system at the nucleus of their behaviour, Auxiliary Members are accountable to the members and communities they serve.

3. Partnership

Through the genuine expression of their value system, Auxiliary Members continue to provide the unique channel between community and police.

4. Commitment

The Auxiliary Members’ passion for service excellence is underscored through their commitment to delivering value to the organization and communities they serve.

Minimum Requirements

In order to make application as a candidate into the Auxiliary Program, the following basic requirements must be met:

  • Be a Canadian citizen
  • Be of good character
  • Be proficient in English
  • Have no criminal record
  • Have a Canadian secondary school (high school) diploma or equivalent
  • Possess a valid Canadian driver’s license
  • Be 19 years of age
  • Be physically fit

Minimum service standards

The unique responsibilities of Auxiliary Members extend outside the boundaries of mainstream volunteer organizations. The following standards are meant to maintain the integrity of the Auxiliary Program:

  • Minimum commitment of 100 hours per year fulfilling the requirements of an Auxiliary Member
  • Community Services
  • Patrol Services
  • Regular meeting attendance
  • Attend all training functions
  • Proper uniform in accordance with Standard Policy
  • Monthly time reporting
  • Maintain requirements as defined by NB Police Act

Candidate Selection Process

  • Process application/resume
  • Candidate CPIC verification (criminal record)
  • Initial candidate elimination
  • Medical examination (candidate expense)
  • Candidate interview process
  • Second candidate elimination
  • Pre-employment interview 
  • Final candidate elimination

Those successful candidates will proceed to the Training Program.

For current opportunities available and to apply online, please click on the button below:

For general inquiries, please contact Human Resources by email at policerecruit@saintjohn.ca or by telephone at 506-648-3200.