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Fraud Alert – Scam Targeting Photographers


File: 24-1543

The Saint John Police are warning the public about a scam targeting local photographers.

It is alleged that:

  • In early February, a local photographer was contacted by the fraudster via email.
  • The fraudster claimed to live out of province and asked to book photography services for an upcoming birthday party she was attending in Saint John.
  • The fraudster sent a cheque for considerably more than the cost of the photography services asking the victim to send the remaining funds to the fraudster’s son who was paying for other arrangements for the birthday party.
  • Victim deposited the cheque in her bank. The cheque was initially deposited into her account and she e-transferred the remaining balance of the funds to the email address provided for the fraudster’s son.
  • The cheque was then returned by the bank and the victim’s account was debited the full amount leaving her responsible for several thousand dollars.
  • It is alleged that attempts have been made to defraud other local photographers as well.   

This type of scam is commonly known as an overpayment scam. The story can change, but the premise remains the same. The fraudster pays more for a service or product and asks the victim to wire the balance before the cheque bounces.

For more information on how to protect yourself, visit Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (antifraudcentre-centreantifraude.ca) 

For Media Related Inquiries, please email sjpfnews@saintjohn.ca.

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