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New Canine Teams Join the Saint John Police

Constable Mike Jackson with PSD Maverick (left) and Constable Scott Boyles with PSD Arlo (right)

The Saint John Police welcomes two new canine handlers and their police service dogs (PSD) to serve the community.

The Saint John Police are pleased to announce that two new highly skilled canine handlers and their partners, Constable Mike Jackson with PSD Maverick (left) and Constable Scott Boyles with PSD Arlo (right), have successfully completed their training program and have begun serving the community.

The addition of these teams will enhance the capabilities of the Saint John Police and reinforce their commitment to public safety. Under the guidance of the Saint John Police in collaboration with the Department of Justice and Public Safety, the training program provided comprehensive instruction to the canine handlers and their partners. Bringing canine training back to Saint John after many years was a joint effort involving members from the Saint John Police, Justice and Public Safety, Kennebecasis Regional Police Force, and Miramichi Police Force, fostering valuable cooperation and knowledge sharing among agencies.

These new teams will join the ranks of the Saint John Police K9 Unit, working alongside our existing members, Constable Peter Haslett and PSD Diesel. The team of handlers and their canines underwent an intensive training period lasting close to five months, which included obedience, tracking, search and rescue techniques, and suspect apprehension exercises. In the coming months, they will also be trained in drug and firearm detection. Their rigorous preparation ensures that they are fully equipped to handle a wide range of situations effectively.

“Safety and security are our utmost priorities, and the addition of these two new canine teams to our force strengthens our commitment to the community,” said Chief R.M. Bruce. “We are proud of the handlers’ dedication and the bond they have built with their canine partners during the training period. Together, they will provide invaluable assistance in maintaining law and order and upholding public safety.”

The exceptional abilities of these canines, coupled with the expertise and experience of their handlers, make them a valuable asset to the Saint John Police. The teams will be instrumental in various critical operations, such as tracking suspects and missing persons, detecting illicit substances, and ensuring the safety of officers and the public during high-risk situations.

The Saint John Police are continuously seeking out opportunities with other police agencies to collaborate and integrate resources to serve the communities in New Brunswick. These strong relationships highlight the commitment of policing partnerships to keep our communities safe, secure and healthy.

The Saint John Police also wishes to express its appreciation to the community for their continuous support. By welcoming these new canine handlers and their partners, the community actively contributes to fostering a safer environment for all residents.

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