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Community Engagement Team

The Community Engagement Team applies current law enforcement problem solving strategies and initiatives with a focus on crime prevention.

The Team is responsible for developing and maintaining strong connections and partnerships within the community, by applying tailored approaches in response to the needs of community at very specific geographical based levels. 

By establishing and maintaining an effective community presence and in an effort to provide long term

solutions, the Community Engagement Sergeant participates and oversees Police/Community consultative committees by achieving a balance in the mandate of the Force, policing, and the community. 

Our Community Engagement Sergeant is Sgt. Tammy Spence: Tammy.Spence@saintjohn.ca 

Our Neighbourhood Officers are: 

Cst. Matthew Innes (South): Matthew.Innes@saintjohn.ca 

Cst. Arlene Palmer (East): Arlene.Palmer@saintjohn.ca 

Cst. Philip Mahar (North): Philip.Mahar@saintjohn.ca 

Cst. Heather Coughlan (West): Heather.Coughlan@saintjohn.ca