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Protect Our Seniors

Here are some helpful tips to protect our seniors:

  • Encourage seniors to be aware of their surroundings and to trust their instincts.
  • Promote the use of personal alarms and security systems in the home.
  • Make sure seniors are aware of the support available to them from community organizations.
  • Ensure seniors know their rights and how to seek help if they are victims of a crime.
  • Regularly review telephone, mail, and online safety practices with seniors.
  • Help seniors understand the risks of fraud and scam activities.
  • Provide educational resources to seniors on how to recognize and report crime.
  • Make sure seniors are aware of local programs to help protect them from crime.
  • Provide seniors with information about ways to guard their personal information.
  • Encourage seniors to join or participate in neighborhood watch programs.
  • Promote the use of locks, lights, and other security measures to reduce the risk of crime.